Vi anordnar seminarier för att inspirera, dela med oss av challengerkonceptet och ge en bild av hur vi kan samarbeta.

A holistic approach to team development and change management

Working with TXP has not only been fun and rewarding but crucial to get us ready for our growth journey ahead. An organisation is only as strong as the sum of its parts. And what is so unique about the Challenger concept is the truly holistic approach putting the individual’s needs first before working its way into each area of the business. Today I am incredibly proud to be surrounded by 150 self-driven co-workers who genuinely understand what it takes to grow and change- because they have all done it by adopting a Challenger mindset

Louise Barnekow, VD Mynewsdesk

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Frågor om våra evenemang?

Vi anordnar seminarier, ofta frukostar, ungefär en gång i månaden för att ge er smakprov på hur vi arbetar.

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