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We work with Challengers – companies that want to change the worldbreak norms and grow. It is about building companies that are successful in the long runUsing a well-tried conceptwe work to create a Challenger culture with inclusive leadership and self-driven employees – for tempogrowth and innovation. The trick to succeed is to go from “poster culture to a culture that runs through the whole organization.

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TXP helps you to grow

Challenger guidance

Strong leadership and implementation capabilities founded on a culture of growth.

Culture process

Define existing Challenger culture and gain the tools to steer with attitudes.


Get inspired and gain new insights or begin your journey of change

Everyday innovation

Transfer a linear production process to a loop system.


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Are you curious about us and what we do? Join us at a seminar for a taste of our concept mixed with some of our experience of growth companies. Always free of charge, always inspiring.



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However, we do look forward to talking about growth, leadership and corporate culture. Contact us to discuss how you can set off on your journey of change and develop a Challenger culture.

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