Challenger guidance

Coaching focusing on the big picture – how to strengthen culture, leadership and implementation capability.


The goals of guidance

To strengthen leadership and implementation capability in the direction of the company’s WHERE. To anchor the company’s attitudes in all of its leaders.


Scope of guidance


Table of Contents

What the guidance involves

  • Individual guidance sessions

Growth guidance is no ordinary coaching! The emphasis is on the whole rather than the individual, with a clear focus on your company’s WHERE-WHAT-HOW. Based on this, the leader is guided towards strengthening their abilities and motivations in harmony with the company’s passion. The goal is to establish a growth culture with a willingness to change, and to maintain that culture over time.

The foundation of growth guidance is the culture that your company has decided to live by. Unequivocal attitudes are the point of departure for the leader’s development and the whole is a constant presence.

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