Everyday innovation

Systematic thinking to increase the pace of innovation and growth throughout your organization.


The goals of everyday innovation

To transfer linear production processes to a loop system (systematic thought) so that, among other things, you can up the pace and number of decisions, reduce the need for meetings, minimize wrong decisions, and make sure that the innovations that arise in your organization are exploited.


Scope of the process


Table of contents

The process involves:

  • Utilising the leadership model WHERE-WHAT-HOW as a “process leader”
  • Applying the loop system in place of your existing meeting structure
  • Knowledge transparency and exchange

It can’t have passed any of us by that the market is changing at an ever-increasing pace. By exploiting the innovation that takes place during everyday activities, we have the chance to keep up with developments!

It’s time to take a determined step away from the hierarchical organization and linear structures. Instead, we need inclusive leadership and self-driven employees. When we acknowledge and exploit innovation wherever it arises, we can stay on the front foot, increase our pace and target and upwards growth curve. Not only that, but we get rid of a lot of unnecessary, resource-draining meetings.

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