Our passion is to build Challengers and create profitable, long-term growth companies.

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TXP collaborates with companies that want to change the world.

Challengers is what we call companies that want to change the world, to create something for the future and challenge the status quo.

Those are the companies that want to achieve something extraordinary. Sometimes by creating new markets, sometimes by setting themselves apart and leaving their competitors trailing.

We develop collaborations with these growth companies in order to create a Challenger culture and to train them how to steer with attitudes. We begin with inclusive leadership and self-driven employees – to create tempo, growth and innovation.


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We are TXP

Claes Knutson

Driving force: To see passionate entrepreneurs and leaders build companies that grow to change the world. Experience: Senior leader roles from small businesses to large corporations, combined with two decades in growth consultancy. Founder of TXP and guide to many successful growth companies.

Pia Andreasen

Driving force: To engender enthusiasm and engagement in the ability to implement. Experience: Many years as a growth consultant preceded by 24 years at H&M – at the height of their growth.

Göran Hedrén

Driving force: To be part of bringing the unique possibilities enjoyed by Challenger companies to life – and to make day-to-day innovation a reality. Experience: Internationally with IKEA, as well as periods as head of marketing and sales for B&W Supermarkets, Scandic Hotels and Natur & Kultur.

Evelina Hennerfors

Driving force: A combination of passion and trust that unleashes the energy in self-driven employees. Experience: Newly qualified linguist. Previously donor service and communication in Sweden for UNHCR.

Roslinda Waax

Driving force: Teamwork and an inspiring work environment with room for everyone’s opinions and ideas. Experience: Studying Business Administration. Former retail manager.

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