The Challenger Concept

The four-fielder

Four corporate cultures – four ways to build a business.

Most companies today have painted themselves into a hierarchical corner; however, there are those that combine high levels of initiative with high levels of discipline – Challenger companies! They are always on their toes, fleet of foot and keeping up the pace to facilitate day-to-day innovation.

Self-driven employees

With direction and passion, they drive the whole forward

In a Challenger Culture, leadership is all about unleashing the power of the many, i.e. creating a clear framework and objectives by which to train the attention of self-driven employees on the company’s passion. As one entity and with the right attitude, employees can make wise decisions for the whole.


The simplest management in the world

WHERE-WHAT-HOW, that’s what we call our steering model for Challenger companies. WHERE is direction, the company’s passion, it’s where you’re heading. WHAT is the business your company does, and HOW is the manner in which you do it, your corporate culture. WHAT and HOW must always be in balance if all of the company’s employees are to run towards WHERE – and not get lost along the way.

 The recipe

Build a Challenger

Higher meaning
The purpose and context
Goals and frames
It sets the scene
Be clear with expectations, feedback and goals
On behaviors and results – always instant!
Share knowledge and information – see the whole

 Courage, trust, curiosity

The courage and desire to be a Challenger

When all the ingredients are in place – like your steering model and the right leadership – you will need three more things in order to become a successful Challenger; courage, trust and curiosity. As a leader, it takes courage to relinquish control, trust in everyone to make the right decisions for the whole, and curiosity to be able to constantly evolve.


The concept – background

We have developed what we call the recipe to describe how Challenger companies work – must work – to achieve their high goals. We base our work with the Challenger concept on the ideas of some of the most interesting thinkers, who have dived into the question of how to organize companies in an ever-changing world.
Read about our inspiration!


“Challengers! Företagen som ritar om kartan”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager or employee, Challengers! offers you the inspiration to think outside the box and an understanding of what it takes to build tomorrow’s successful business; a company that challenges the norms, that wants to change the world and take responsibility for the future. A company with a different attitude and organizational form to its competitors – a company that turns accepted business logic on its head.

You will be given the recipe for building a Challenger organization, with all of the necessary ingredients from the company’s higher meaning to the transparency and trust on which it depends. What unites Challengers is their passion, their desire to achieve something new; however, in order to succeed you will need a structure that supports your corporate culture, something this book presents as the simplest management in the world: WHERE-WHAT-HOW.

The first book

It’s All About Attitude – about companies that want to change the world.

If you want to challenge the world, you need passion and desire and you need to get everyone onboard. But how do you deal with the high tempo, harness all of that drive and get everyone involved – without descending into chaos?

The focus of this book is to explain more about the ability to implement; that is, your company’s culture, leadership and employeeship.

Why is it that the management of most companies and organizations completely ignore implementation ability – despite the fact that it makes all the difference in creating long-term success?

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The Challenger Concept

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