Cardiopulmonary rescue. Why is it relevant for growth companies?
On the 20th of September 2019, TXP arranged a seminar where Claes talked about his favorite topic, Challengers, growth companies that challenge and change the world. The seminar was combined with a course in cardiopulmonary rescue, where the participants got to learn how to save lives. An invaluable knowledge.

What is the connection between a seminar about Challengers and the teaching of cardiopulmonary rescue? The purpose of the combined seminar and course was to highlight one of the challenger concepts most important messages – the value of sharing knowledge!

What we want to achieve with this metaphor is that in Challengers you have a culture that encourage self-driven employees with the ability to take initiatives, where defined tasks for each employee is of lower value and the roles are allocated more fluidly. In Challengers, individual reasoning and knowledge sharing is free among employees. Every employee matters. The result is higher efficiency. Instead of waiting for your boss to appoint tasks, you can yourself reason around what needs to be done. You know what you do best – let others know you matter too!

In the case of knowing cardiopulmonary rescue, sharing your knowledge is so valuable, it can save lives. If someone is suddenly hit by heart failure, you rarely have someone assigned to perform cardiopulmonary rescue as a profession, such as a nurse, around. But if you possess this knowledge without working within health care, you can as a self-driven person with the ability to take initiatives and use your good sense, share your knowledge and save the person in need. Imagine living in a society where our efforts are limited to what we are told to do as in a hierarchical and bureaucratic organization? A society where no one takes a step forward to make a difference.

At a work place, sharing your knowledge can make the difference of settling a good deal or not, deliver beyond a client’s expectations, or making a colleague feeling even better at the work place and thus, perform even better. No matter what it is, sharing your knowledge has an impact, it leads to growth. So, don’t keep your knowledges to yourself. Take a step forward and you can have incredible impact at your work place.

We want to give a huge thanks to HLR Konsulten for fantastic collaboration!


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