”Hittills har vi bara tränat lite grand med Zound”

Konrad Bergström är en av de allra största ikonerna bland svenska challengerföretagare.

Genom sitt driv att utmana världen har han på bara tio år byggt upp Zound Industries till ett miljardföretag.

Konrad Bergström is one of the biggest icons among Swedish Challenger companies. Through his drive to challenge the world, in just ten years he has built Zound Industries into a one billion company.

When Zound started selling headphones in 2009, the idea was that the time was right for a fashion house within the field of electronics. Therefore, we decided to go big from the start.

Probably no one else I know would have been as successful as Konrad was, having the business up and running at 18 different markets and around 1,000 different stores globally at day one! Today, Zound is established in over 120 different markets around the world:

– I believe in global ideas. Why should we only sell in Sweden? If you have conceptualized and packeted your product in a good and systematic way, you can go global with it, says Konrad.

– You only have 24 hours a day – and if you could do something big there’s no need to make it small. With the internet it’s possible to do things globally. In practice there are no borders anymore!

A great and inspiring Challenger attitude!

Today, Konrad is not as fully involved in all parts of the company as in the early years; the board and management are no longer dominated by the founders. But that does not mean that his commitment and faith in the company has decreased. On the contrary, he now sees greater opportunities for Zound than ever before in the company’s history.

– What we’ve done with Zound is a great achievement. But this is only the beginning, this far we’ve just been practicing. In the next two to three years our business will grow further.

– We are in an incredibly exciting phase where several of our competitors have been bought up, and we can work with the world’s largest and best companies in software.


Claes Knutson – Growth consultant, lecturer and founder of Tillväxtpartner

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