We become a part of your organization temporarily.


Your value

Creating Challenger culture that lasts, enhances long term growth and fills your needs within HR processes and Challenger leadership.


When, how and for how long?

You have a temporary need but you are not ready to employ a full time service. Or you are in need of strengthening your current team and establishing a new concept for your HR work. We offer a part time service with flexibility. Our work description gives us the framework. For how long? Your needs determine.

Table of content

Examples of what we do and what you get:

We analyze the current situation at the company and identify your needs.
We build a strategy for implementing culture, control systems with goals and passion.
HR processes are build or “washed” to be permeated by Challenger culture and the control system.
We focus on the process of recruiting!
We set a concept for internal educations to set a framework for an Academy. We train and guide formal and informal leaders in groups and individually. The focus is on Challenger leadership!
We guide management so that all employees can use the control system as a basis for decision making.
We train internal ambassadors in order to implement Challenger culture with all its components so you can keep growing independently.

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