Challenger Culture

A Challenger company is built on a clear culture and the right attitudes – together we work to achieve continued growth.


The goals of the process

To provide you with an evaluation tool by which to steer.

To define your existing Challenger culture and the steps required in order to continue to enjoy commercial success.


Scope of the process

10-16 days (see below for details)

Table of contents

What the process involves

  • Familiarisation and interviews 2–6 days
  • Workshops 6 days
    – with the working group prior to commencing the process
    – during the process
    – post-process, during preparation for implementation
  • Support in implementing attitudes 2–4 days

In the first phase, familiarisation, we gain insight into the company’s current position and its objective. During familiarisation, we will interview staff and leaders. When we have completed the process, it is time to begin working with attitudes – at which point, we hand the baton on to you! Naturally, we remain at your disposal to offer support on anything from planning and monitoring to putting HR procedures in order.

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