New Year’s resolutions for Challengers

2019 has just started and many of us are thinking about the changes or improvements we want to see the coming year. For many people, New Year’s resolutions may be associated with clichés that you repeat year after year, without any real changes in mind. But there are ways to succeed with your goals.

In a new book, Martin Oscarsson, Per Carlbring and Alexander Rozental write about how we can succeed with New Year’s resolutions and behavioral changes, based on studies and surveys. A key to success is to avoid the kind of goals where you should stop doing something, and instead focus on new habits and to do more of the things you like. Also, setbacks should not be seen as having failed your resolution – don’t give up!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for the coming year at work? Here are some tips based on the Challenger recipe:

  1. Higher meaning
    Martin Oscarsson points out that internal motivation is important in order to succeed with your resolutions. Values weigh heavier than external desires.
    Questions you can ask yourself: Am I in the right place? Can I stand behind the company’s vision and values? Do I even know of the company’s vision and values?
  2. Frames and goals
    Oscarsson brings up the use of smaller objectives on the way, as an important strategy to increase the chances of succeding with the final goal. That is also a cornerstone in the Challenger work: Clear goals that are clearly linked to the vision.
    What do you want to accomplish at work? Formulate it clearly for yourself and then look at whether what you want to do is in line with what the company, all of you, are supposed to do together.
  3. Clarity
    Don’t choose large, vague goals like: “I want to get better at my job”. Instead, consider what expectations you have on yourself and what specific parts of your job you should focus on. Formulate concrete goals so that, at the end of the year, you can decide whether you have achieved them or not.
  4. Feedback
  5. Transparency
    The last two ingredients go hand in hand. Once you have formulated your goals, you can share them with people in your surroundings. If you are transparent with your New Year’s resolutions, you can get help from other people. Your colleagues can share their knowledge when it is relevant and they can give you feedback during the journey – so that you will develop in the best way possible.

The best moment to take the time to set your goals is now.
Good luck and remember: be a Challenger!





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