How can companies grow and keep being sustainable?
The people involved within management today are well aware that corporate responsibility is both a demand and a possibility. With the right actions, sustainability can lead to new possibilities but also create disruption and challenge old business models.

How should companies be able to implement strategies throughout the whole organization, and not just at top level management?
How is it implemented in practice and what are the most crucial obstacles concerning sustainable strategy and implementation?
How should companies and societies act in this situation? Everyone in a company must be able to make business like decisions including social and business-related challenges – but where in the organization do the long term business initiatives come from?

Lots of strategies for sustainable growth have appeared and now is the time to stop talking ABOUT it and start debating HOW we combine growth with sustainability. I will for instance do this at Almedalsveckan in two different panels:

Monday 1 July, 10.00 (Hot chair), Sustainable Growth, location 404
Subject: The complexity of decision making is increasing – how do we enable us to implement using all of our strategies?

Tuesday 2 July, 11.00 – 11.45, Campus Gotland
Subject: Growth + Sustainability – Host: Forever

Other participants in the panels are:
Christoffer Börjesson, Chief Digital Officer, Fastighetsägarna
Ulrika Liiv, Sustainability Manager, OBOS
Margita Johansson Gullstrand, Sustainability Manager, E.O.N.
Thomas Peterssohn, Forever/Partner

Welcome to participle in the panel discussions!
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