Challengers! – book release

Last Thursday, it was finally time to celebrate Claes Knutson’s latest book “Challengers! Företagen som ritar om kartan” – with VR challenges, drinks, inspirational speeches and courageous guests.

In addition to the author, the super entrepreneur Konrad Bergström (Zound Industries, Xshore), the lecturer and school founder Milad Mohammadi, and the personal assistance entrepreneur Annika Meinhardt, were present on stage. They took us on a journey through successes and setbacks – driven by passion and a desire to change the world.



Annika started Resursteamet in 1997 and managed it successfully for 20 years before she chose to look for new challenges. When she sold the company, it had 300 employees and 800 patients. For her, the passion has been crucial: to make it possible for both staff and patients to develop beyond the limits of today.

Milad has made an amazing journey and a couple of years ago he accomplished his dream to start a school. In addition to offering high quality education, Järvaskolan works to make the students dream big! The school is only part of Milad’s work for diversity, integration and inclusion, at the moment, he also runs his own leadership agency. His passion is to make people reach their full potential.