Leadership training

Train your management to steer with attitudes, towards your company’s passion.


The goals of the training

To ensure that your leaders have a common vision of WHERE the company is heading and the leadership required in order to get there.


Scope of the course

6 – 8 days

Table of Contents

The training includes:

  • How to build an organisation of self-driven employees
  • The meaning of inclusive leadership
  • How to steer self-driven employees
  • Steering with attitudes
  • Goals
  • Plain language
  • Recruitment
  • Team building
  • Initiative
  • Day-to-day innovation

Our leadership training is based on simple, pared-down theoretical models that your delegates will quickly transform into direct action. You will have assignments to complete at home and we build on your own experiences and reflections. All that is required is that you keep up a high tempo and jump in with both feet!

Our model is: Train! Do! Train! Do!

Based on your future desired position on the Challenger map, we will train your leaders in the art of inclusive leadership. The major advantage of inclusive leadership is that it provides your business with self-driven employees – increasing levels of initiative and discipline as well as creating world-class implementation capabilities.

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