Ambassador Program

Train culture bearers within the organization to bring your attitudes to life.


Goals of the program

To develop employees who enjoy great confidence within the organization to be ambassadors for the company’s attitudes and passion.


Scope of the program

5 occasions (full or half days depending on the size of the group)

Table of content

What the program involves:

  • Message and presentation techniques interspersed
    – Message; passion, goals, attitudes
    – Company history, background and growth ambitions
  • Discussion and presentation of corporate culture and attitudes
  • In-depth knowledge of the Challenger Concept, self-driven employees and steering with attitudes

Once the culture process is complete, we will help you to develop an Ambassador Program to highlight culture bearers within the organization. The basic idea is that an ambassador should act as a partner to management, for example by assisting in interviews and introducing new employees, cleaning texts and documents or testing new tools. They could also participate in job fairs and introduce staffing agencies or similar activities. An ambassador must never replace a leader!

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