”Everyone at the company must participate in a transition”

“If you want an organization to jump with you, you need to build a strong culture where everyone is involved and wants to contribute their own thoughts – and get the freedom to try their own ideas,” she says in the interview.

According to Christel Kinning, it becomes increasingly important to think about corporate culture when working with growth and change:

– In the past, it was possible to communicate and inspire. Today, authenticity is also required in your behavior. It is incredibly important that you have empathy for the employees and that you have the ability to connect with people. You have to understand what people are passionate about!

She also believes that to be able to work with change you have to be aware of your own driving forces:

– Everything begins with yourself. You really need to understand yourself and how your feelings drive you. If you do not understand yourself – and I really mean understanding yourself and your driving forces – then you will have difficulties understanding other people’s driving forces. What will help you, what stifles you? Only then can you understand how employees and customers think.

Interesting – right? Her thoughts about a corporate culture just match my experience of how really successful Challengers work.

It is said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. And in a Challenger company that is even more trye than in traditional companies.

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Claes Knutson – Growth consultant, lecturer and founder of Tillväxtpartner

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